Friday, June 30, 2017

William Furlsbury Carter's Original Mission Journal Digitized

Most of us have heard about and read transcriptions of William Furlsbury Carter's missionary journal. Thanks to newly released information about early Mormon missionaries here is a small portion of his journal for when he got to Illinois and visited with the Tripps, Dooleys and his brother, Phillip Libby Carter. For a older, sick guy his handwriting is very good.

The whole journal can be viewed by going to this link:

Then click on "William F Carter Journal..." - it is all there thanks to his granddaughter, Margery Ann Kinder Wing who brought it in to the Church History Department in 1966 and allowed them to Xerox it and then took the journal back. Who has this journal now? That is a BIG question.


  1. It is interesting that William spelled Philip with two "l's". The double-l Phillip is the way my parents named my brother, Phillip, as of Saturday the president of Quincy (IL) University.

  2. Joe - I don't think spelling was a priority with our family back then. Shoot names weren't even so sacred. William was always just William Carter until sometime in the Nauvoo period when he suddenly became William Furlsbury. Go figure.