Monday, June 19, 2017

CARTER REUNION - DAY 1 - June 16, 2017

Well it was time for the biannual John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Reunion again.  This year we chose to meet in Provo.  For day one we were at the LDS Church Pavillion at 350 East 2950 North, in Provo.  It was a delightful setting and the weather was wonderful - the high was right around 80 degrees.

Part of the group at the pavilion
Our goal was to share and record lost stories of our ancestors - our attempt to fill out the family tree with people that recorded life stories.  Several people brought their stories for us to copy and I for one prepared PDF versions of this blogs life stories of John and Hannah.

Boards were provided that showed all of John and Hannah's children and each of their marriages with children.  Attendees were asked to record their line back to the child of John and Hannah on the chart. This helped us know who was represented.
Dr. Andree Brown Swanson recording her line

This is an example of out charts.
This allowed us to determine who descended from whom.  It was a great attention grabber and many people spent a pleasant time talking to their cousins (many whom they had never met.)

Many attendees  brought life stories and pictures to share.  This was just an enjoyable time getting to know one another.

We were excited to announce our announce our new effort - a YouTube Channel called The John and Hannah Knight Libby Family.   It can be found at

You can subscribe and be told when we add new videos. Currently we have two -

1) Carters of Maine Conversion Story - This tells the story of Hannah's conversion with some new twists.
2) Memorial for Hannah Knight Libby - This highlights the video of the 1941 dedication of the headstone that is on Hannah's grave - which ceremony we recreated today.

Thank you to Layne Carter and his son, Skyler for their efforts on doing these two short videos.

This final image is a chart Layne created to help show all the inner-connections between the Bean family and the Carters that surely led to Dominicus and later Hannah and several more of the kids being converted.  The missionaries what came to the door of Hannah's house on July 4, 1834 were not just missionaries but Daniel Bean was actually a relative on multiple levels.

Web of relationships leading to Hannah's conversion

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