Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Welcome to our John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization Blog

This is a blog devoted to the family of John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter.  We have a formal family organization under the name of The John and Hannah Knight Carter Family Organization.  Our main presence is a web site:  Carterville.com.  To see the genealogy there you will need to register (for free) and indicate how you are related to this couple.  We also have a private group at Facebook.  Just search for us by name.

Our organization is formed in the hope that we can bring a better sense of family unity to the thousands of descendants of John and Hannah.  We are scattered all over the world and have probably never personally met each other, but we do share a common heritage.  It is to the education and spread of this heritage that we in the family organization are dedicated.

We hold family reunions every other summer.  Last summer (2015) we met in the Omaha, Nebraska area and learned about our family's involvement in the Winter's Quarters experience.  In 2013 we met in Salt Lake City and learned of the wealth of artifacts, etc. found there in the DUP museum and at the Church History Library.  In 2011 we met in Provo and toured the various family sites in that area and down in Santaquin.  Our inaugural meeting (of the 8 founding members of this group) was held in Nauvoo, Illinois in 2009.  We toured our family sites there including Morleyville where the family lived and actually found the old, Carter Pioneer Cemetery which is on old family property southwest of Morleyville.

Our next reunion will be held in Utah - probably in the Provo area again. This will be in the summer of 2017.   Our tentative plans are for the reunion in 2019 to be in San Diego, CA where we can explore our Mormon Battalion connections.

This is the cake we had made to be our dessert at our opening social for the 2015 reunion.

This is a good portion of us at the Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluffs, IA


  1. It was almost too good to eat but eat we did. Thanks for stopping by.