Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Web Presence

     Since about 2000 we have had a web presence and over the last 4 years we have branched out into social media to see if we can reach out to more of John and Hannah's descendants.

       Our first - and primer effort - is our web page at which is hosted by Charles Carter.  Charles was the originator of this site and has borne the cost of keeping this site up and running all these years.  In the past few years our family organization has contributed to the cost of the site but that is a small contribution when you consider all the hours and hours of labor he puts into the site to keep it current (along with his helpers.)   Even before FamilySearch developed Family Tree where all kinds of memories can be posted on people, Carterville was developed where we could post our genealogy and attach pictures, stories, documents and sources of all of our relatives.  It really is a great site and we strongly encourage all who read this to go there and register.

        Registering at - First go to the web site.  On the home page do not click the log in that is right below Web Log.  That is for the web log on the front page.  You want to go further down the right sidebar to "Register" far down the list.  You will first be asked to fill in a captcha and click Submit.  This will direct you to the registration page.  Please fill in all starred fields.  After you Submit this you will receive an email with further directions.  There is no charge to register.  We have done this to keep control over our data there so only family members who are registered can see it.

        In 2012 we began to test the waters of Facebook.  Currently there are several sites about our family found there.  First there is a private group the John and Hannah Carter Family group.  It is closed and you will need to request to join us.  If you click join you will quickly be admitted into the group.  (This group will soon be renamed the John & Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization group.)  It will then become our official presence on Facebook.  This is a great group to meet your cousins and exchange information and news.

       Currently there is a "page" on Facebook with the name the John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization.  We are currently in the process of closing this down and migrating the information found there over to the current John & Hannah Carter Family group.  We would encourage you to go to the group rather than this page.

       For quite a while I have run a page on Facebook for my ancestor William Furlsbury Carter.  If you search for his name within Facebook this page will come up.  It is there to promote information about William.  Since it is a page there is nothing you have to join to view it.

       The one other site I am aware of is the Robbins Family Society which is a public group on Facebook.  You will have to join it to participate.  This is for the descendants of Daniel and Hope Robins whose descendants married into our Carter clan.

       If I have missed something please let me know.

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