Saturday, November 19, 2016


I heard from Carl Scott today.  On Friday (a cold, miserable day by his reckoning) they completed the imaging of the Carterville cemetery with their rented ground penetrating radar machine.  They now know the boundary of the cemetery and have located an additional 60 new burials.  I believe initially they had found burials for 130 people so this means the cemetery probably holds remains of around 200 early pioneers.   We will have more information when we get further reports from the Historical Pioneer Group filter down to us.
Supposed site of Carterville (Kathy Robbins-Wise 2013)

               This is all very significant to us as so little is really known about our family during their time in the Winter Quarters area.  Once the Saints left this area and everything was abandoned the land went back to its primal state.  Our ancestors were not a great journal keeping people and so our knowledge is sketchy.  Both Dominicus and William Furlsbury buried wives in the Carterville cemetery and Dominicus had a child buried there too.  This makes the study of the old burial ground that much more important to us.  

                The post before this describes the work of the Historical Pioneer Research Group and how to do this survey of our family cemetery they had to rent equipment at the cost of about $3000 a day.  This is the second day in the past two or three years that they have worked our cemetery.  They ran out of time the first time they came out and had to return to finish the job.  If you can please consider a donation to their group to help them pay for this service for us.  Donations are tax deductable - see the prior post.

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  1. I would be interested in knowing the qualifications and experience of the person operating the GPR equipment has in locating unmarked graves? $3000 a day for renting GPR equipment is outrageously expensive.

    I specialize in cemetery geophysics that includes mapping, ground penetrating radar, and 3D burial site imaging for about ½ that amount per-day including equipment. Bob Perry-